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SHEILA WARD I was trained at Manchester Art College and have lived in Buckinghamshire for over 40 years! During that time,I have done teaching, taken part in a number of exhibitions and also in many Bucks Art Weeks. I paint mostly in watercolour, though sometimes combined with other materials, if it suits the subject. If using inks, I often use a stick to draw with, or just an old fashioned dip pen - both give lovely lines.
SHEILA WARD AUTUMN FIELDS (Watercolour) Size: 19,1/2" high x 14,1/2" wide 49cm x 37cm) Framed Price:£120 This painting was done from a sketch I did along the Dunton road. Maize had been grown in the nearest field and some of the stalks were still scattered around, giving a creamy coloured pattern against the soil. Ref No 13
SHEILA WARD ANCIENT TREES (pencil and watercolour Size: 12" high x 22" wide (31cm x 56cm) Unframed, but in a white card mount For Sale Price: £75 I did these from photographs, as there was no opportunity to draw. These wonderful trees are at Blenheim Palace. Ref No 14
SHEILA WARD STREAM (Ink and Watercolour) Size: 22" high x 22" wide (56cm x 56cm) Framed For Sale Price : £180 This painting shows a scene on the road to Verney Junction, near Winslow. It was a lovely sunny day in February. Ref No 16
SHEILA WARD NEARLY SPRING (ink and watercolour) Size: 17,1/2" high x 20" wide (44cm x 53cm) Unframed, but in a white card mount For Sale Price: £75 I sketched this view from our house on a cloudy day in February - but it's OK - it's nearly Spring! Ref No 15
SHEILA WARD HAWTHORN TREE with BERRIES (pencil and watercolour) Size: 15,1/2" high x 18,1/2 wide (39cm x 48cm) Framed For Sale Price: £120 I like the spiky, almost knotted look of Hawthorns - this one is along the road between Mursley and Little Horwood. I sketched it in September. Ref No 17